e i n s t e i n !

We are thrilled to announce,

our new school show called...

EINSTEIN!~ Imagination Encompasses the World

The title, based on an Einstein quote, is a 50-minute school version of the 85-minute general audience show with an optional Q & A afterward. This show is designed for middle schoolers to high-school students. It comes with a standards based study guide designed so that teachers can lead discussion and learning before, after and beyond the show. 

Einstein tells the story how he lifted himself out of being a dead beat, lazy, unpopular student to becoming one of the greatest scientists of all time. 

We follow Einstein as he tells the story of how he solved the general relativity puzzle. With a little bit of audience participation, and a lot of historic fact as he races to beat David Hilbert, one of the world’s greatest mathematicians, to solve the general relativity puzzle.

We like to couple the school show during the day with the general audience show, EINSTEIN!~ Celebrating 100 Years of General Relativity, at night.  They are different but similar, yet compliment each other so that one can see both of them without feeling they’ve seen it before..

The award winning, general audience show, EINSTEIN!~ Celebrating 100 Years of Relativity focuses more closely on Einstein’s adult challenges and issues. Many times students tell their parents about the school show and then bring them to the general audience show in the evening.

Past Venues of EINSTEIN!


Santa Monica Playhouse, Year Run


Hillcrest School, LAUSD

Patricia DiChiario High-school, Yonkers, NY

ACANSA Performing Arts Center,

Little Rock, AR


October 14 ’18 OAPN Conference, Dayton Ohio

October 19 ’18 Milford Performance Center

October 23 ’18 The Palace Stamford

October 24 ’18 William Paterson University

October 26 ’18 West Hartford, Connecticut

October TBA The Larcom, Beverly, MA

September 1-9, ’18 Arts MidWest


Center Square Theater, Boston, MA

Under St. Marks Theatre, NYC

Santa Monica Playhouse, CA

The Academy of Music Theatre, MA

Dayton, JCC

Santa Monica Playhouse, CA

Pella Opera House, IA

Princeton Arts Council, NJ

STEM Festival, NYC


Santa Monica Playhouse, CA

Denver, JCC The Mitzel Arts & Cultural Center

Washington, DC

New York Fringe Festival, NYC

Hollywood Fringe Festival, LA


Santa Monica Playhouse, CA

Basile Fringe Theatre, IN

American Jewish University, CA

Berman Performance of the Arts, MI

Santa Monica Playhouse, CA

Basile Fringe Theatre, IN

American Jewish University, CA

Lounge Theatre 6 week run, CA

Edmonton International Fringe

Calgary International Fringe

Winnipeg International Fringe,

Toronto International Fringe

Ottawa International Fringe

London International Fringe